Monday, January 31, 2011


D here.

Nearly two years ago, my wife and I went through something that forever strengthened and grew our relationship. Looking back on it, there was a lot of praying, tears, arguing, ups, downs, and much more. During these tough times, I had to keep reminding myself that there was going to be an end to this disease and that WE were going to beat it. Myself and our families played a key role in the recovery of my wife and this is the reason we strongly believe in the Maudsley method. My wife was one of the very first people to be treated with the Maudsley method as a young adult. We both believe this was the most effective method and did so much more that we could ever imagine. It greatly involved me, as her husband, to really be there for her and help get her through the tough times. It involves the family in the whole process and this is so huge because this surrounds the one suffering with constant love and support. It also gives others an understanding about anorexia and helps you to relate as much as possible.

I had many different emotions that went on during the whole recovery process but one of the most important things you can do is to be patient and be very encouraging. There were so many times that I just wanted to break down and say something negative, but in my experiences with that it only made things worse. Even the littlest negative things that you say can trigger something that you did not expect. You have to be positive in pushing your significant other and just keep reminding them that you are doing this out of love and support.

We were very fortunate as we caught my wife's anorexia very early on in the process. Although things did get bad fast because of some different complications, my wife got into a Maudsley program in about 6 months from the time we remember that it really started. We have not only each other to thank for her health today, but her family and my family as well. We are huge family people and we cannot stress enough how important of a role our families played. From her parents flying in from out of state to help in the beginning stages to my parents being there for support and encouragement. Just incredible what loved ones can do in peoples lives.

So remember today to stay positive and keep the encouragement coming because you are fighting through this together. Many blessings



  1. Good for you to provide this platform for discussion and help. I think you will touch many people who don't have another outlet to talk about ED. We are cheering you on!!!

  2. Thanks so much! Looking forward to doing what we can to help!